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School Council

Welcome to our School Council

School Council

Freddie, Joel, Thomas, Emily, Hanna, Arona, James, Kenzi, Tommy, Corbin & Ayeesha

Work completed so far this School year:


  • In May, we worked with Mrs Addison to increase the amount of play equipment available to pupils at lunchtime. We carefully selected items for pupils of different ages and abilities to enjoy. We loaded the new equipment into the new storage trolley and showed the other pupils how to use it. We had hoped for a visit from our local MP, but she was busy on parliamentary business and has not been able to confirm a date with our school yet.


  • We worked with Alice from Oases again, to put together an assembly about why we should try to save energy in school and how we could do that. We presented our assembly to the school on 25th March and have seen some improvements already (such as lights being turned off when a class leaves a room, projectors being turned off when we go for PE etc.).


  • Some of us were interviewed by Mrs Carlin and Mrs Knapp (school governors) who asked us about safety in school, the new playground equipment, having a book for Christmas from the school and our school values. They asked us for examples of how we have helped our school’s leaders with ideas to make school even better.


  • We worked with Alice from Oases to find out about renewable and non- renewable  energy sources, global warming, fuel costs at our school and what we could do to help the environment and reduce our fuel bills.


  • We worked with Mrs Rowell to choose and purchase new play equipment for our KS1 and KS2 yards for all pupils to enjoy using together. Mrs Addison asked us to choose indoor games and activities to purchase for each class to use when the weather is too bad for us to play outside. We consulted Mrs Addison on whether we could run a healthy tuck shop and what we would need to organise in order for this to happen.

The children came up with some comments last year to put on the website about our school.

Teachers listen and interact with us.


We’re always made to feel safe and learning is fun.


We feel cared for.

School is a friendly place to be and we are rewarded for our efforts and good behaviour. Teachers help us when we struggle.


Teachers deal with problems straight away so there’s no bullying.

Teachers help to build our confidence.

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